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Stephen Vitiello

brutalest on Jun 17th 2010

Stephen Vitiello is a visual artist as well as a sound artist, I believe the only one we have blogged about. Wikipedia says he was a punk rocket back in the day, so apparently his musical sensibilities have lived on in his sound art, though rather than conventional music, he makes ambient soundscapes. Experimental type stuff.

One notable thing he did was record sounds on the 91st floor of the world trade center. Pretty awesome, he was awarded a studio on the 91st floor for six months to record his sound with his home made microphones.

Example of his sound stuff:

In 99 he did wor

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brutalest on Jun 17th 2010

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my work by the hours

brutalest on Jun 17th 2010

Hour one: Internet is down so I go through my limited image folder and try to cook something up. it was pretty sucky so I didn’t use any of it

that’s some people at a wedding all in gas masks, and then a drawing of leo tolstory, the novelist and christian anarchist

this is me making a jesus, I ended up not using him for the final image

Hour 3:

In the process of making a darth vader church father, the body is ripped from some graffiti image i found

Hour 4:

saint vader with some drugs

Hour 5:

Starting going in a different direction

Hour 6:

balanced out the wing fanning

Hour 7:

Notice how saint vader has a realistic helmet put in there as opposed to a drawing i decided to keep in the final

hour 8

I move the needles so I can change the setup, and I add a stained glass window cutout of the ugandan martyrs

Hour 9:

nears its completion, I shopped those images onto the TVs.


So I used dodge on the background to make it lighter around the center and relatively darker on the edges. The tv on our right now has a slightly different image, mouth a little more open. I added glow, and crosses on the bottom to balance it out somewhat

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brutalest on Jun 14th 2010

Bill Viola is a cool guy who works with video art. According to wikipedia (sourced) “He is considered a leading figure in the generation of artists whose artistic expression depends upon electronic, sound, and image technology in New Media”

Now, you may think that Bill is just another artist on the massive tree of art, but you’re wrong. He is a very, very deep man that has artwork about very, very deep things. Look at this image:

I can extroplate one thousand ideas from this image, 60% of which are very deep. Life, death, birth, human emotion. Unlike other artists we work on who arrange chairs in silly positions and take pictures of them, Mr. Viola creates beautiful things. And what is beauty? Beauty comes from human emotions, and this guy’s art is like a visual stimpack, it is like drugs for the eyes. I get an adrenaline rush just looking at it, and I would look at it all day if heart problems didn’t run in my family.

Bill Viola is the best artist I have blogged about, I give him a fourteen out of ten.

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Paul Pfeifer

brutalest on Jun 14th 2010

Paul Pfeider is a Honolulu born artist who works with found video footage, mostly pop-culture type stuff. Looking up his stuff, I am not a huge fan. Apparently he spends tons of time on each piece, but it doesn’t really show, kind of looks like some guy that just pirated photoshop and discovered lense flair.

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brutalest on Jun 10th 2010

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Jeff Baij

brutalest on Jun 8th 2010

Right before the time I am currently typing this, I was browsing through Jeff Baij’s website, The image on top is a very thin but extremely long sample of google maps. For a minute I tried to determine what it was zoomed in on. Apparently at least the top is Paton, Iowa.

Anyway, I like this guy. He does digital art, and it is reminiscent of a maze-like arty website I browsed back in like middle school called It is low-fi digital art and repetitive seemingly nonsensical images that link to various other pages full of images. It seems to subvert the idea of a hyperlink or image link as something that links to something that the text or image refers to. Jeff Baij is similarly iconoclastic in his style of art.

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Robin Rhode, not a sellout but severely legit

brutalest on Jun 7th 2010

The South African Robin Rhode is an artist who works mainly in urban street culture related art. His career started quite literally on the street, using the concrete on the ground of Cape Town as his canvas, making his art with mainly chalk, paint and charcoal. To make these local artifacts available for the rest of us, he photographs his work, sometimes to make comic-like frames


and digital animations


He is an artist with vision that makes beautiful things out of ugly things, and it is the kind of art that every common passerby can appreciate. The enterprising BMW executives clearly saw this and he got paid to be creative. Not a sellout!

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brutalest on Jun 1st 2010

Vito Acconci is a Bronx-born poet turned visual artist. He specialized in performance art, architecture and installations, and is known for his transgressive artwork.

And when I say transgressive, I mean it. Some might call it tasteless, but Acconci’s breakthrough piece and most famous work was in 1971. [i]Seedbed[/i], a performance piece wherein Acconci lay hidden under the ramp leading into a gallery while he masturbated, speaking his fantasies about each audience member that entered the room broadcasted over a loudspeaker. The room is otherwise empty besides the speakers.

Later in Acconci’s life, his work shifted from performance art to architecture. He specialized in large installation pieces, often combining many images into one piece.

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