my work by the hours

brutalest on Jun 17th 2010

Hour one: Internet is down so I go through my limited image folder and try to cook something up. it was pretty sucky so I didn’t use any of it

that’s some people at a wedding all in gas masks, and then a drawing of leo tolstory, the novelist and christian anarchist

this is me making a jesus, I ended up not using him for the final image

Hour 3:

In the process of making a darth vader church father, the body is ripped from some graffiti image i found

Hour 4:

saint vader with some drugs

Hour 5:

Starting going in a different direction

Hour 6:

balanced out the wing fanning

Hour 7:

Notice how saint vader has a realistic helmet put in there as opposed to a drawing i decided to keep in the final

hour 8

I move the needles so I can change the setup, and I add a stained glass window cutout of the ugandan martyrs

Hour 9:

nears its completion, I shopped those images onto the TVs.


So I used dodge on the background to make it lighter around the center and relatively darker on the edges. The tv on our right now has a slightly different image, mouth a little more open. I added glow, and crosses on the bottom to balance it out somewhat

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